Deanna (serene_malice) wrote in kaley_cuocofans,

Kaley Cuoco Forum!

(Before I start I just want to say that if this isn't allowed, I'm sorry and the admin can delete this right away.)

I just made a brand new forum dedicated to the lovely Kaley Cuoco! It's in desperate need of more members because it is new, and the lack of members makes it hard for the forum to grow. I know all you lurking Kaley fans out there want to be able to go someplace and post your heart's content about Kaley. Well, you can do that here!

Since it is a brand spanking new forum, I'll need a few moderators as well as some G-mods. Also, if anyone has talents in graphics and design, well I'll need your lovely assistance. Feel free to join and pm if you wish for a moderating position. My forum name is Dee <3

Hope to see you all there!
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